A Cowards Farewell

Epstein’s victims must be a dark swirling whirlwind of emotions this morning after hearing that he allegedly committed suicide. On one hand, he can never personally do anything like this to anyone again. However, he held a lot of knowledge which could have been used to climb the chain of abuse. I personally do not […]

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Who The F*ck Knows?

No one was honest with us when we were young. No one is honest with each other now, for that matter: The majority of us don’t know what the fuck we’re doing. In unison, we wander aimlessly with our homemade facades. The public image you’ve created could be your illuminating destiny or your wallowing demise, […]

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Doomsday Lust

For months, my neighbor and I left our patio blinds open. We’d pass by them and pretend not to look. Pretended our hearts didn’t jump when we saw each other’s silhouette. We found reasons to go to the back of the house to silently recharge our desires. For months we’ve been pretending not to notice […]

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Tantric Melody

Every note. Every gasp. Every plea heard by Apollo and Aphrodite.

Envious of our carnal collaboration, they surround us and praise the light that we create.

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Turquoise Tantrum

Desperate for the sun, She falls to her knees to praise nothing. Identify with the sky; she is blue, she is beautiful, she is empty, she is a mystery. To her surprise, The sunset painted a sky she always dreamed of But never had the courage to ask for. To her surprise, When no one […]

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